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One off Financial Advice (The Pros and Cons)

Updated: May 6

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From time to time clients will ask for one off financial advice to tackle a particular problem. Commonly we see this in areas such as setting up Life Insurances, reviewing a Superannuation fund or after a particular life event such as receiving a redundancy or a large Capital Gains Tax bill.

One off financial advice is provided by many advisers (including at Source Wealth) and can definitely be valuable. This is particularly true for people who are naturally DIYers and are good at sticking to a plan, or perhaps are not in the financial position to benefit from ongoing advice.

However, for many people. ongoing advice is crucial. There is no one Financial Plan that any Adviser can create that can guarantee success in 10 years time. However, by working with an adviser regularly, achieving goals and objectives becomes much more likely.

Financial planners and ongoing advice helps by:

  • Keeping you accountable to the plan and the recommendations, such as how much to save and invest

  • Adjusting to changes in the economy, legislation and clients goals, objectives and life events

  • Helping clients avoid financial mistakes which would otherwise set them back

  • Taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise

Whilst it is always preferrable to have an ongoing advice relationship, it is still better to engage a Financial Planner for one off advice than to make financial mistakes whilst DIYing. To book in your free initial appointment click here.

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