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Financial Planning in your 60's and above


Your 60's and above are all about planning for retirement or if you are already retired, living your best life without the stress of running out of money. 

There are a range of important ages in this decade, from age 60 when you can access your super, age 65 when you can have a full tax free pension account, and age 67 when you meet the age eligibility for government Age Pension. These ages create a range of different investment, tax and cashflow opportunities. We typically help by: 

  • Creating retirement plans which show when and how you can retire considering your super, personal wealth, goals and objectives and government entitlements (if applicable)

  • Maximising your super and minimising your tax through a range of contribution and other strategies.

  • Combine your finances with your partner in a way that suits you both

  • Assistance understanding, managing and often maximising your government entitlements 

  • Taxation planning for future beneficiaries to ensure your family achieves the best possible outcome

  • Assistance with your legacy wishes


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