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It’s never too early to start financially preparing for retirement. If you are 45 years old or over, planning becomes even more time critical.

We can help you define what a good retirement looks like to you and then put in place various strategies to help you maximise the likelihood of success, some of which include:

  • Strategies for maximising superannuation & minimising tax.

  • Strategies for maximising Government Age Pension payments.

  • Detailed financial modelling to forecast how much you can afford to spend each year in retirement.

  • A review of your investment asset allocations to ensure the mix is suitable for retirement phase which over requires a more conservative approach to investing.

  • Assistance managing wealth transfers if you would like to provide early inheritance / gifts to children or grandchildren.

  • Protecting your retirement savings against longevity risk (the risk of outliving your savings)

We can help you map out what you would like your retirement to look like. It could be a:

  • Traditional retirement? (e.g. working full time until age 65 then fully retiring)

  • Phased retirement? (working part time earlier in life and perhaps working longer)

  • Financial Independence Retire Early (working and saving extremely hard in your early years to be able to afford to retire by age 40)

  • Lifestyle change retirement (doing something completely different in retirement)

Whichever retirement you are after, we are here to ensure all of your hard work translates into the retirement you have dreamed of! 

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