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Family walking down the street hand in hand

Sophie & Tim

Sophie & Tim were earning good salaries however they were unable to save and this was causing them anxiety and frustration. The low hanging fruit was that they had not refinanced their mortgage in many years and were paying around 1% more interest than they needed to. After refinancing they were able to free up around $10,000 p.a. Additionally, we guided them with our cashflow service which included regular catch ups to keep them on track & access to our cashflow tracking software to provide them with visibility around their spending. By finally beginning to save, we were able to take the stress and guilt away from their relationship with money and have them feeling positive for the future. 

The overspenders

Glenn & Trish


Glenn & Trish had worked in their own business all their life and had little super to retire on. They had a house worth $2m which was now too big for them and they wanted to move to warmer weather up north. After the sale of the house, we were able to advise them:

  • How much to limit the purchase of their new house to

  • To allocate additional funds into both super and personal investments

  • How much to spend each year in retirement

Given their differences in age, we were able to structure their affairs so that Glenn was able to receive the full age pension straight away which provided an additional $28,000 p.a. that they otherwise would not have received. Our strategies allowed them to have the retirement they wanted, instead of running out of money too early. 

The retirees



Chris was very successful in a UK tech start up and had built a considerable amount of wealth for his age. He had tried DIYing his wealth accumulation before reaching out for assistance. We:

  • Acted as the CFO of his finances by liaising between his UK and Australian accountant, which eventually involved creating a family trust in Australia for tax purposes.

  • Creating an Australian superannuation account to benefit from the available tax incentives.

  • Helping to divest from a significant holding in his tech start up company so that his wealth was more diversified and secure.

  • Provide focus and clarity of his goals through our goal planning and modelling services.

The High Net Worth Individual



When life insurance claims happen it is our duty as advisers to jump into action and make sure no stone is left unturned in supporting the family. For one of my clients Caroline, I facilitated:

  • Managing her husbands insurance claim with the insurer to limit the amount of paperwork and administration Caroline needed to complete whilst grieving.

  • Creating a plan for meeting short-term living expenses.

  • Liaising with a commercial and estate planning lawyer to facilitate a successful sale and exit from a business.

  • Creating an investment plan for the life insurance proceeds.

  • Modelling to guide Caroline on whether and when she would need to go back to work.

  • Increased Caroline’s own life insurance coverage to reflect her new needs. 

The Mum (and reason insurance is important)



Tony owned his own plumbing business and was paying a significant amount to rent a factory that his business was outgrowing. Instead, we were able to set up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) for Tony and his wife Jen, whereby they could:

  • Use the money from their super to buy a better business premises

  • Use the rent from the business to pay into their own super fund, thereby benefiting their future retirement

  • Have security regarding the business premises as they were no longer at the mercy of an external landlord

Whilst we were setting this up for Tony and Jen, we were also able to re-do their life insurances which hadn’t been updated for about a decade and save them thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.

The business owner

Stuart & Mel


Stuart and Mel moved from the US and now call Australia home. They had sold one of their properties in the US and were unsure what to do with the funds until their permanent residency was granted and they could buy a primary residence without the additional stamp duty. I assisted in:

  • Investing their funds in a safe short-term manner (which would outperform paying off their remaining fixed term loan in the US by around $20,000 per annum)

  • Investing the proceeds in the name of the spouse who was currently not earning taxable income to minimise tax

  • Worked with a mortgage broker to ascertain what they could afford to spend on their new dream primary residence and then completed modelling to show them the outcome

  • Created a superannuation contribution strategy to maximise their unused super cap space to save significant amounts of tax

The young family

Loving elderly couple planning their retirement on the couch

Note: The above stories are all past client stories, however, for confidentiality reasons their names have been changed. 

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